mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Les grands félés du sport moto

Bob "Hurricane" Hannah dans un exercice de style très ... personnel.

"Changing my line…changing my mind…that’s what was going on in the picture. Here’s what I remember about that moment back in 1979, at the 250 USGP at Unadilla, NY. We were on into the race, and I couldn’t catch Marty Tripes. He was probably 3-4 seconds ahead of me – and I couldn’t catch him. I was getting frustrated because in some sections I was faster, in others, he was faster. I could see that he was faster than me going through Gravity Cavity, so I slowed up enough to watch him. I saw that he was using the far left side – when I’d been taking the far right side. So on the next
lap, I moved over to the far left side. The only problem was, there was a hole at the top of Gravity Cavity on the left side that Tripes was pre-jumping – and I didn’t see it! I whacked that hole with my rear wheel and started to endo over the front. Actually, I was going to jump off the bike because it was going to throw my ass off anyway. I had at least 6 seconds in the air for it to come back – and it did – it started coming back. I turned the throttle wide open to bring the nose back up and it started coming back, and I thought, “Hey…I can save this if I just hang the heck on!” Then, my foot caught on the seat and I just pulled myself back on."
J'en connais plein, moi compris, qui, beaucoup moins vite et bien moins haut, auraient plutôt pensé :
même si ils ne l'avoueront jamais !

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